Our Process


When the need to build comes about, many people are conditioned to hiring a design team and immediately jumping into the design process as the first step. At MG+A, we have experienced and understand the value of first walking clients through the Development process. Before the first line is drawn on paper, it is critical to have a complete understanding of the client’s vision and be able to translate that vision into a strategic plan that balances wants, needs and financial capability.

The Development process begins with an in-depth analysis of existing facilities, available property, operational needs, etc. A space program is created that identifies specific square footage requirements for each current and future area of the facility/campus. A key result of the Development phase is a master plan that balances the requirements of the program with the physical parameters of the property and provides a “roadmap” for the ultimate build-out.

For our Church clients, another critical component is a Financial Capability Analysis. Utilizing the same growth projections used to project space requirements, we also project future budgets, campaign giving, debt service requirements, etc. This ultimately provides a clear picture of the Church’s current capacity for the Phase One project identified in the master plan.


Once the Development phase has been completed and the appropriate program and target budget has been established for the project, the design process begins. MG+A utilizes a strong core of experienced and creative architectural and engineering firms located throughout the southeast. Each design team is selected for a given project based off of the best fit for the specific client’s program, needs and style.

The design process is broken down into three primary phases: Conceptual/Schematic, Design-Development and Construction Documents. With consistent client interaction, the design efficiently progresses from multiple options illustrated with rough sketches and single line diagrams to very detailed construction documents ready for permit. Along the way, the design team helps facilitate the client through common trends, structural systems, building materials, color schemes and interior finishes to determine the best design approach. The design intent is clearly communicated through the utilization of the latest in 3-D technology. Vital to the ultimate success of the project, MG+A manages the design process with a control budget throughout, ensuring that the project meets the client’s needs and budget.


General Contracting with a primary focus on the Design-Build delivery system is the foundation upon which MG+A has been built. With an experienced team of project managers, superintendents and field engineers, MG+A is fully staffed to effectively manage a multitude of projects across the southeast. While there are numerous keys to completing a successful project, we pride ourselves in attention to detail, open communication, quality control, safety, effective scheduling and budget management.

Our primary role and experience in managing the total process – Develop, Design & Construct – allows us to see a holistic view of the project, not just the limited view of a contractor or architect. Our ultimate goal is to not only provide a quality final product that meets the client’s needs, but to make the entire process, from start to finish, an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all of those involved.