Valleydale Church

Birmingham, AL – Phase I of the relocation to a new 45 acre campus was completed in early 2004. It consisted of a 90,000 sf facility that included a multi-use space with two full-length basketball courts adjacently positioned that can be converted to a worship and fellowship space. This flexibility enables Valleydale to have a large Upwards Basketball program on Saturdays and then seat 1,700-2,000 (depending on setup) for worship on Sundays in the same space. While this is flexible space to be used for many purposes, the audio/video, acoustics and sound/lighting in this facility rivals many of the most technologically advanced worship centers in the country. On the bottom floor there is 35,000 sf of space dedicated to children and preschool space. Phase 2 was completed at the beginning of 2005. This 35,000 SF building houses Valleydale’s KidStuff children’s ministry complete with a 2-level stage. Phase 2 also includes educational classrooms and youth space.