Worship Space – Renewal & Flexibility

Was your worship center built prior to the 21st century? Is the decor and functionality of your space culturally irrelevant? It may be time to look at options for renewing your space. With continual advances in technology – not just in sound and lighting – MG+A has the ability to renew and create flexible worship environments for your church.

In the last 10 years the renovation and repurposing of church facilities has been a major part of the church design and construction industry and will likely continue to be in the future. From a cost perspective, certainly renovations are going to be a more economical solution when compared to new construction where you are having to allocate funding for elements “outside” of the worship room such as parking, structural, HVAC, electrical infrastructure, exterior building costs, etc. In new construction, square feet of space is king; in renovations, aesthetics and environment are more important and the capacity to invest more in these areas is more available.

Along with the renovation and repurposing trend in church, economics and the rise of the community church versus the mega church model has caused another big shift. Church facilities today are being designed to be more multi-purpose in all aspects of the campus. Where we used to design most all spaces as dedicated spaces for certain age groups or purposes, we now see spaces that are being developed for use by the entire church population. This can dramatically shrink the size and cost of a church campus and enable the church to thrive in its mission rather than being limited by the single-use facility mentality of the past.

In response to this shift in strategy, MG+A and its design team have been developing creative solutions for new and existing church campuses across the country. One such initiative that is being used to improve the worship environment is what we call “Worship Flex”. Flexible and portable components are utilized on and around the stage to enhance worship environments. The actual components consist of curved fabric graphic panels that are dual sided and can be reprinted, LED light towers, backlit graphics panels, etc. These components are light weight and can even be built on casters allowing a quick and seamless transition in a matter of minutes on a Sunday morning. If you are trying to do two different styles of worship in the same venue with less than 20 minutes of transition time to change the space, a Worship Flex design is a perfect solution.

There are almost no limits to how this product can be used. Because of its portability it can also be used in more than one space to create the perfect environment for your special event. And best of all, because of the flexibility and independent nature of the components, we can fit this kind of scenic environment into any budget.