At the close of 2019, MG+A began a new chapter in the future of the company following the retirement of Wayne Myrick. Wayne founded the company in 1993 and served as CEO for nearly 27 years. A retirement celebration was held at MG+A’s corporate office with more than a hundred of Wayne’s closest friends, family and business associates. Wayne’s business partner, Scott Gurosky (President, MG+A), along with Pastor Buddy Gray (Hunter Street Baptist Church) spoke at the event honoring Wayne’s years of service and friendship.

“No one could have been more fortunate than me to have met Wayne. He gave me my first job in 1991 and has been an unbelievable mentor, business partner and friend ever sense. Wayne built the foundation of our company and it’s been an honor to have worked alongside him for all these years. It’s truly incredible to see what he was able to accomplish in his career.”

In addition to the speakers, a compilation of personal videos from those closest to Wayne were presented. At the close of the event, an honor plaque was unveiled that recognizes MG+A’s founder and past CEO and will be permanently displayed in the lobby of the corporate office.

Wayne began his construction career in the late 1960’s working general construction before becoming a self-employed residential contractor from 1973 to 1977. After serving as Superintendent and Project Manager for various Birmingham, Alabama contractors, he worked for a decade with Harbert Construction International, rising from superintendent to Vice President of Construction.

Wayne Myrick founded MG+A in 1993. His passion for helping churches maximize their ministry impact became a defining mission for MG+A. Under Wayne’s direction, MG+A has become a leader in the church design and construction industry through their involvement in over 300 church-related projects.