Current Projects

MG+A / Biltmore Partner for Another Campus

May 3, 2016 ‐ MG+A bgan its partnership with Biltmore Baptist in Asheville, NC at the infant stages of its multi-campus strategy.  As a first phase, MG+A completed a major renovation to Biltmore‚Äôs existing main campus sanctuary, redesigning the stage and adding 600 stadium seats resulting in increased capacity to 2,500+. Moving forward, Biltmore knew its growth would cap in… Read More >

First Baptist Church in Cordele Relocates

May 10, 2015 ‐ We first met First Baptist Church Cordele, GA nearly 14 years ago after they had purchased around 44 acres to relocate from its landlocked historic downtown campus. Fast forward through some challenging years and leadership changes and Pastor Ray Sullivan is now leading his 100+ year old church through the monumental step of relocating to… Read More >